Javascript Frontend Developer

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We are looking for an experienced JavaScript developer that will help our client to develop and improve a website that shows scientific data to their in-house scientists. The position will involve developing live, interactive plots and displays where the scientists can interact and change plot parameters via the UI. The data is pulled via API from a database. The role will also involve having to talk directly to the customers to get the needs and feedback on the UI/UX features.

• Develop web-based interactive scientific plots based on examples and input from the scientists/users
• Develop the UI in collaboration with the scientists/users to provide the optimal information for their needs
• Develop clean, well-documented, maintainable JS-code
• Follow agile principles and coding standards in delivering the JS code
• Interact on a daily basis with our backend developer to ensure that the front and back end deliver the optimal results for the users

Must Haves:
• A minimum of 5 years JS frontend development experience
• Significant experience with Vue.js and any interactive JS plotting library (D3, Plotly etc.)
• Understanding scientific plotting/data visualisation and experience with making interactive scientific plots
• Excellent communication skills in English
• Python experience would be beneficial, especially if that relates to the Django webserver.
• Experience in working directly with customers to develop/improve UIs is appreciated