Hedge Fund Transfer Specialist

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Hedge fund transfer experience; English

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This vacancy has now expired
Assignment Duration: Starting November 1, 2023, until June 2024 (6 to 7 months)
Pay: You'll be compensated with a daily rate.
Employment: It's a full-time job, so you'll be working 100% of your time.

About the Role:

We are currently seeking a Hedge Fund Transfer Specialist on behalf of our esteemed client, a leading Swiss bank. As a Hedge Fund Transfer Specialist, your role is all about:
- Handling the movement of Hedge Fund customer orders from all around the world.
- Making sure portfolios are managed and optimized for success.
- Taking care of the paperwork for Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund orders.
- Checking and balancing cash transactions and titles daily.
- Being the go-to person for questions, special cases, and customer needs.
- Keeping our email inbox organized and responding to messages.
- Communicating with important folks both inside and outside the company, like the Front team, Legal and Compliance, Transfer Agents, Custodians, and Counterparties.
- Keeping our data on brokers, transfer agents, clients, and securities up to date.
- Managing transactions that involve non-cash stuff (we call them in-kind transactions).
- Taking care of things like performance fees, side pockets, and trade-related equalizations.
- Sharing the workload and helping out your team members when needed.

What You Need:

We're looking for someone with:
- Experience in banking or a related business field, or maybe you've completed a banking apprenticeship.
- Knowledge about securities and some solid experience with handling them.
- The ability to learn fast and stay motivated.
- A personality that's all about being independent, tough when needed, and flexible to adapt to new challenges.

If this sounds like you, and you're ready for an exciting journey, we'd love to hear from you.

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