Junior Process Engineer (100%, Pharma/Biotechnology/Manufacturing)

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  1. Contract
  2. English
  3. Mid-Senior level
  4. Digital & Technology
  5. Switzerland
  6. Healthcare & Life Sciences


Process Engineering, Process Design, Manufacturing, Quality, Method implementation

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On behalf of our client, a Swiss manufacturing company for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutrition sectors, Swisslinx are currently looking for a Process Engineer to join a one year contracting opportunity in the area of Valais.

- Develops, enhances, and implements systems that increase efficiency and optimize all phases of service or production processes, from design to manufacturing. Oversees process design projects, and ensures the efficient and safe functioning of all the processes related to producing a product, substance, or service.
- Designs processes and equipment related to the development and commercialization of products or services that are cost effective and in keeping with a given budget.
- Evaluates existing processes, suggests measures for improvement, and configures manufacturing systems to reduce cost, improve sustainability, boost productivity, quality, and profitability, and develop best practices within the production process.
- Implements methods and process designs, creates prototypes, tests, and makes necessary modifications where required.

- 1-3 Years' Experience in a similar role
- Previous experience in a relevant industry/field
- Fluency in English, written and verbal

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