Agricultural Derivatives Trader / Portfolio Manager

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  1. Permanent
  2. English
  3. Mid-Senior level
  4. Investment, Trading & Risk Management
  5. Zug
  6. Commodities & Natural Resource


Derivatives, Agricultural Derivatives, Soft Commodities, Futures, Options, Trading, Risk Management, Hedging, Execution, Market Analysis, Quantitative Skills

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Our client is a Commodity Hedge Fund in Zug.

On behalf of our client, Swisslinx is looking for a team-oriented Agricultural Derivatives Trader / Portfolio Manager.

You will be responsible for managing and executing trading strategies across a range of agricultural derivatives markets, focusing on optimizing the portfolio and contributing to the overall strategy development.
This role requires a strong understanding of agricultural markets, risk management, and derivatives trading.

Your mission

- Develop and implement trading strategies in agricultural derivatives markets, including futures, options etc.
- Analyse market trends, economic reports, and other data to inform trading decisions and strategy adjustments.
- Monitor positions and manage risk to ensure compliance with fund’s risk parameters and objectives.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including other trading desks, research, technology, and risk management, to drive innovation and enhance trading capabilities.
- Maintain up-to-date knowledge of market conditions, regulatory changes, and technological advancements in agricultural commodities trading.
- Communicate effectively with management and stakeholders about market insights, trading strategies, and performance metrics.

Your background

- University Degree in Finance, Economics, Mathematics, or a related field
- Proven experience in agricultural derivatives trading, with a strong track record of profitability
- Strong understanding of agricultural markets, including supply and demand dynamics, crop cycles, and seasonal trends
- A “team book” approach to your working style, this is very important
- Proficiency in quantitative analysis, statistical modeling, and programming languages such as Python or R
- Strong risk management skills, with the ability to assess and mitigate trading risks effectively
- Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to thrive in a team-oriented environment
- Demonstrated ability to perform under pressure in fast-paced trading environments

What’s on offer

Our client is a well-established company currently experiencing growth. The role is ideal for a team player who is eager to work alongside industry experts in a dynamic, fast-paced setting, and who is committed to contributing to the team's collective success through innovative thinking and shared goals.

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