How to compete for the best tech talent

Posting date: 21 June 2021

With the rise of digital and the emergence of data tools and cloud-based systems, there’s now a greater demand for tech professionals. According to research by WeForum, LinkedIn has predicted that there will be 150 million new technology jobs in the next five years, with most of these jobs set to be undertaken remotely. For companies, one of the biggest obstacles is attracting and retaining the best talent. The market has become more competitive amidst the rise of new technologies, which has created a whole new host of challenges. So, organisations must ensure they position themselves in the best possible way to compete for the best tech talent. While upskilling the existing workforce will always be key, attracting the best professionals has to be a core part of a business’ recruitment strategy. Below, we explore how companies can stand out and compete for the best tech talent.

Show leadership opportunities

It's no secret that attracting the top tech talent is not easy. However, tech skills are incredibly valuable and important for business growth – and there are now more tech roles than ever before, which means professionals have far greater choice. Therefore, businesses have to stand out if they want to attract top talent. One of the best ways to do this is by offering leadership opportunities. Growing companies that have a strong sense of ambition, often offer opportunities for advancement. Most employees want to grow their careers, so companies need to provide a clear path for them to achieve their goals. Managers need to showcase technical leadership opportunities as well as a culture of innovation. Having a growth mindset is more likely to attract the best tech people, as they will want to be part of a company that focuses on continuous improvement.

Offer the right challenges

If businesses want to compete for the best tech talent, they must be able to offer challenging projects that push people so they can grow and develop. The most talented and technical employees will likely be passionate about their work and should be keen to reach their full potential. Therefore, businesses need to make sure these employees have lots of opportunities to take on demanding projects that require expertise and experience. Technology should be integrated into the heart of a businesses’ strategic plans. The best people want to work with the best technologies and with a forward-thinking company – and in the age of hybrid working, companies should support home working. Thanks to digital communication, it’s ever been easier to complete projects from any location.

An effective and efficient hiring process

When it comes to recruiting and competing for the best tech professionals, it’s crucial that specialists are involved in the process. This might mean bringing in some new team members who focus on tech roles or training your current HR staff. Having a recruiter who understands the technical career path can give your company an advantage. The application process should move as efficiently as possible, as the best talent are likely to have other options. However, interviewing should be thorough enough so that a suitable match can be found. Before hiring, businesses should always assess their strategy and the type of tech professionals they need. This will enable you to provide more clarity in job descriptions and during the interviews themselves, which can help attract better talent.

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