How to successfully make a career change

Posting date: 20 July 2021

Making a career change can often be an overwhelming process, particularly in times of uncertainty. It requires significant planning, time and a leap into the unknown. Switching careers should be taken seriously because it’s a major decision that needs a lot of forethought. However, by carefully researching your options, evaluating your past work experience and taking concrete steps, you’ll be able to minimize the risks to ensure the transition goes smoothly. 

There’s no question that the workplace has changed dramatically and now that we’re in the post COVID-19 world, it’s never been more important to continually build new skills. Therefore, transitioning into a new career can be an exciting way to upskill and develop professionally. If you’re one of those professionals looking to make a career change, we’ve outlined our top tips to help you succeed.

Identify your reasons for changing career paths

Before making a career change, you must analyse the reasons why you want to make a change and evaluate your current skills and experience. The new career you’re pursuing will require a new set of skills and possibly a different mindset, so subsequently, you must assess if you have the core competencies and question what it would take to make a career switch. Reflecting on the main reasons why a career change would be beneficial, and the type of role you want to do next is critical for successfully pivoting in a new direction. It’s important to make a rational assessment and avoid impulsive decision-making and ensure your reasons for changing are justifiable.


Consider taking a training course

Once you’ve explored all options and have a sense of direction, you should consider taking a training course before you make the big change. Courses, online lessons or volunteering enables professionals to become more familiar with the industry. Learning about the industry can give you practical experience and boost your confidence, which can help you stand out in job interviews. There’s plenty of schemes available and evening courses that you can take in your spare time. By taking a course, you’ll be building on the transferrable skills you already have while creating a pathway into a new sector.

Focus on networking in your chosen industry
One of the best ways to manage the transition into a new industry is by networking. Attend events and career conferences to grow your network and meet relevant people. This enables you to learn about the culture of a business and its sector, and the type of people you may find yourself working with. Also, consider meeting people in your existing network. While many of these professionals won’t be in the industry you’re moving into, they might be able to provide links to other more relevant connections. Through LinkedIn and other career websites, start contacting recruiters in your target industry to help manage the career change.

Create clear goals

If you want to reinvent your career and ensure that it’s successful, you should consider making a concrete plan with goals that can be accomplished in a realistic timeframe. For example, apply to shadow professionals in your chosen industry to observe the work, or spend time finding a mentor who can offer professional guidance. These are short-term goals that can help you toward your overarching objective of changing careers. Now that you’re ready to make a change, you need to think about how you’re going to present yourself going forward. Regardless of what industry you’re moving into, you need to identify your unique value and show companies why you’re a great asset. Above all, goal-setting is important for keeping yourself moving in the right direction and successfully changing careers.

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