The importance of sustainability when recruiting talent

Posting date: 30 August 2021

Sustainability has become a priority for many companies in recent years for hiring and retaining talent. Today, with climate change having observable effects on the environment, many job seekers want to work for an eco-friendly company. Therefore, businesses must adopt sustainable practices to distinguish themselves from the competition. Sustainability has become essential for steering businesses toward a more positive future, as well as attracting young professionals in a challenging market. Below, we outlined the importance of sustainability for recruitment.

Sustainability adds value to employees

When a company showcases its sustainability initiatives, this signals to job seekers that the organisation cares about the effects of climate change on wider society – which means the company likely cares about the people it hires. That’s why businesses need to be able to successfully communicate their sustainability practices to candidates. One of the best ways to do this is to illustrate the concern for the environment by demonstrating how your company’s sustainability efforts are directly tied to the employee experience. Above all, having sustainability initiatives shouldn’t be a ‘box-ticking’ exercise, but a way to deliver real value that creates a sense of pride throughout the business.

Company reputation

Today, sustainability initiatives have a massive impact on a company’s reputation. The attraction of the best talent is heavily dependent on a strong reputation. For a company looking to hire, their reputation is the employer brand, which includes core values, company culture and any sustainability initiatives. In this digital age, it’s never been easier for prospective employees to find out information about a company, whether that’s on the website or through social media. That’s why reputation management for businesses is key for shaping how people think and feel about your company. By taking active action to make your company more sustainable, you can send out the right messages and elevate the status of your company – which can help attract the top talent.

The future is green

There’s no doubt that companies which develop and maintain sustainable practices will be much more resilient in the future. These companies will be able to future-proof their recruitment and continue to attract job seekers who are looking for like-minded companies. For companies looking to become more sustainable, there needs to be a mix of different approaches across the business. For example, this could include partnering with other organisations and ensuring that leadership teams are reinforcing sustainability. More and more people are looking for companies that take proactive steps to make a difference. As awareness of climate change continues to grow in the future, the bar for sustainability will rise even further, so businesses looking to recruit need to make sure they’re always engaging with environmental, economical and societal issues, as well as corporate governance.

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