What are the essential skills needed to succeed as a finance manager?

Posting date: 01 November 2022

The Swiss finance sector is in excellent shape. According to the European Banking Federation, the Swiss FinTech landscape has grown significantly to include more than 363 FinTech companies. This is promising news for those hoping to take their finance and accounting careers to new heights, particularly finance managers. From cultivating the financial health of an organisation to working closely with industry leaders, there are many facets of this field that make it a prosperous career choice.

However, interest and the support of a booming financial industry aren’t enough to catch and secure the best roles. Here are a few essential skills needed to succeed as a finance manager.


Critical thinking skills


Critical thinking is the ability to objectively analyse data and draw rational conclusions. Financial managers must be able to apply this skill so that the best financial decisions can be made for the company. It includes identifying the root of a problem and then formulating realistic solutions with realistic timelines. Whether you're leading a strategic planning session or trying to cut costs or avoid fraud, critical thinking and analytical skills will help you to arrive at the best solution possible.


Forecasting skills


One of the key roles of a finance manager is forecasting and budgeting. These industry leaders must, therefore, have the skill to provide reasonable insights on current and future budgets and provide viable solutions based on the company’s past performance and future trends. Essentially, a finance manager must be able to determine if a company is headed towards its profit goals and highlight the steps needed to streamline this process.


Communication and interpersonal skills


Aside from understanding the relationships between numbers, the skill to communicate complex numerical information to a diverse range of people is critical. For example, Switzerland’s financial sector is highly diversified and spans different fields of activity and expectations. This makes strong speaking, writing, and presentation skills essential to the finance workforce. Furthermore, a knack for cultivating personal relationships will help with the success of a career in finances.


Leadership and project management


Another key role of a financial manager is to be an expert in time and project management. From managing schedules and deadlines to ensuring colleagues are equipped to succeed, finance managers must be able to lead teams and projects so that goals are accomplished. Organised and detail-orientated individuals often fit this category best because of their ability to meticulously manage deadlines while delegating responsibilities fairly.




The world of finance is constantly evolving, and a good finance manager must be well-versed in using technology. Financial software is crucial to ensuring modern lean, accurate and quick operations, such as preparing statements and accurate financial projections. It’s also important that these industry leaders are willing to move with the times and accept and learn about future innovations. With the cross-border finance market in Switzerland being extremely strong, the demand for technical accounting skills is only going to grow.


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