How to transition into the tech industry

Posting date: 29 August 2022

Switzerland has established itself as one of the most technological and innovative countries in the world. In the Global Innovation Index, Switzerland once again ranked at number one as was the case in the previous year, and the country also patented a large number of innovations in 2021 – a total of 146,716. It’s clear the technology industry is currently thriving and has paved the way for more jobs in the sector, many of which would require a career change for professionals. Transitioning into a new industry requires careful planning and consideration of your goals and ambitions – but with the right strategies in place, you can make the process easier.

Why work in technology?

There’s no doubt that technology is ever-evolving. This means working in technology gives professionals the opportunity for constant learning. If you’re already a developer, working for a tech-driven company could give you the chance to work on complex projects, allowing you to broaden your skillset. Due to the huge growth of technology, there’s a wide diversity of jobs that requires different backgrounds, experiences and personalities, making the sector an ideal choice for those who value career longevity and progression. Read on to discover how to successfully transition into the tech industry.

Achieve a certification

One of the best ways to transition into the tech industry is to earn a certification to build your credibility. The tech industry is highly competitive with hundreds of candidates applying for the same roles, so you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd, particularly if you’re moving from a different industry. Depending on the role, you might need to complete a course on coding, programme essentials or cybersecurity. Having an understanding of the fundamentals of tech will help you beat the competition when transitioning into the industry. 

Build your portfolio

When you move into a new career, it’s important that you can showcase your talents and that you have the potential to succeed in a new role. Therefore, while looking for a new role, make sure you’re actively building your portfolio to show that you have successfully applied your skills. If you’re aiming to secure a web development position, build a strong and well-designed coding portfolio that you can show to employers. Alternatively, you could also start a side project that could be used as your portfolio.


Networking is essential to establishing long-term relationships with other professionals at all levels, and it can be particularly useful when transitioning from one industry to the next. Investing in your relationships will help you throughout your career and improve your skillset, allow you to meet new mentors, and gain access to resources that could assist with your tech career. This might mean attending networking events within the tech industry to gain a better understanding of the sector. However, you can simply focus your networking efforts on LinkedIn, which will no doubt increase the chances of you securing a new role within tech.

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