A day in the life with Yuliya: Why work in recruitment?

Posting date: 12 December 2023
Yuliya Olonetzky

Are you an aspiring recruiter searching for your dream job in Switzerland?

Swisslinx emerges as a compelling choice for numerous reasons, from strong recognition as a Swiss market leader, to training and company culture, but don't just take it from us. 

We caught up with Yuliya Olonetzky, one of our expert Managing Consultants, who shares her story and what she loves about working at Swisslinx.

Yuliya works closely with our clients and candidates on the Life Sciences desk, and is soon to expand into the FMCG desk.

Read on to learn what it takes to work in recruitment and why it could be for you. 

Part 1: Why work in recruitment?

Hi Yuliya! Please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Yuliya Olonetzky and I am a Managing Consultant at Swisslinx leading the Life Sciences desk for non-IT roles. I’m originally from Novosibirsk, Siberia, and have been living in Switzerland for the last 14 years. 

How long have you been at Swisslinx and how has your career progressed?

My career in recruitment began at Swisslinx in 2015, and it’s been an exciting 8 years of professional growth and development! 

From a Recruiter within the Financial Services sector, I transitioned into sales as a Consultant, and now, as a Managing Consultant, I have the opportunity to steer my own ship. 

I established the non-IT Life Sciences desk from scratch, covering corporate and scientific type roles, and as my portfolio of clients grew, I was able to build a team of dedicated Recruiters. 

Looking forward to what the future at Swisslinx will bring! 

What made you decide to work in recruitment?

My background and education is in hospitality and I thrived in that fast-paced environment, where I could interact with diverse people. I was therefore determined to develop my career in a people’s business and recruitment was an exciting and complimentary step to level up my skills! 

Recruitment is a dynamic sales environment with clear targets, and although challenging at times, it is a real buzz! From stakeholder management, problem solving, and negotiation, there is so much to learn, and on top of that, I get to support people with finding their dream job!   

What does ‘a day in the life’ look like in your role?

My team covers Corporate, Commercial, Regulatory and Scientific types of roles within Life Sciences. As a Managing Consultant, my responsibilities are client centric, spanning across Business Development, growing a portfolio of customers, and Account Management, maintaining long-term business partnerships within my portfolio. On top of that, I lead a team of Recruiters, nurturing their development and ensuring they meet their performance goals! 

A “day in the life” for me normally varies – a part of the job I enjoy truly!

Most days, I have client meetings to discuss new roles and projects, as well as consult on their hiring objectives. I share project updates and discuss candidate feedback, as well as divulge developments within the recruitment market. 

I liaise with my team to assign projects and track on-going recruitment processes - offering support on candidate management and search techniques. I also attend Management meetings where we discuss more high level sales strategy topics and internal optimisation initiatives.  

What makes Swisslinx different from other recruitment agencies?

It’s a family driven and collaborative environment. The majority of employees here have been with Swisslinx for over 5 years, and many, for even 20 years! 

One thing that stood out for me during my interview was the number of females in Leadership roles. Diversity is important in the workplace, and so it’s great to see it in practice. Swisslinx is the type of company that is quality driven, gives room for professional growth, and has an entrepreneurial spirit at its core. 

Swisslinx was founded 24 years ago by 4 Partners, 3 of which were women, and through dedication they built a successful business that today is recognised as one of the market leaders. I found this company story incredibly inspiring! 

What do you enjoy doing for fun outside of work?

I used to play chess professionally as a child and still enjoy playing online with people around the world. Chess is a highly strategic game, training you to evaluate options, think about consequences, and ultimately, make creative decisions to reach your end goal. I like to apply these skills to the world of recruitment and believe it has helped me drive business success! 

I also enjoy doing sports, in particular barre classes, and am a big figure skating and football fan, trying not to miss any big games or competitions. 

What would your advice be to aspiring recruiters?  

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition is an exciting line of services that allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. There is no other feeling as when I realize - we have found the best solution for the client, contributing to the success of their business. At the same time, helping candidates to proceed in their career is hugely rewarding, and often, we are even offering an exciting, life changing experience! We support candidates from across Europe with the chance to live new experiences and gain international professional exposure in Switzerland. 

It can be challenging at times, but for me, personally, this is what makes it different and exciting.

If you’re keen to read more of Yuliya’s story, watch out for part 2 for a sector spotlight, where she uncovers insights into talent acquisition for Life Sciences and FMCG.

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