How to nurture your top consultancy talent

Posting date: 19 September 2023

Nurturing your top consultancy talent is not only essential for their growth and satisfaction but also crucial for the success of your business, as you retain their expertise and grow alongside them. Fostering a supportive and engaging environment allows consultants to thrive. Having some of the highest salaries in the world in Switzerland, and forward-thinking businesses, many talented professionals are keen to build a career in Swiss consulting. Now’s your opportunity to nurture that talent.

Tap into some effective strategies to nurture your top consultancy talent:

Clear communication and feedback 

Establish open lines of communication with your consultants. Regularly provide constructive feedback and acknowledge their achievements. Encourage two-way communication, where consultants feel comfortable sharing their ideas, concerns, and aspirations. This fosters a collaborative environment and shows that their opinions are valued.

Professional development opportunities 

Invest in the professional growth of your consultancy talent. Offer them opportunities to expand their skills through training programs, certifications, conferences, and workshops. Create individualised development plans that align with their career goals and provide mentorship to guide them along their journey. 

Conduct regular check-ins to discuss career aspirations, challenges, and growth opportunities. Discuss career progression and what that looks like. For example, is there a clear path from junior consultant to senior consultant? Consider what this might look like in your team. Provide guidance and support in aligning their goals with your business objectives. Regularly revisit their career development plans to ensure ongoing progress and adaptability. 

Challenging assignments 

Provide consultants with intellectually stimulating and challenging projects that allow them to stretch their capabilities. This not only keeps them engaged and motivated but also helps them develop new skills and expertise. Ensure a balance between their areas of expertise and new challenges to foster continuous learning.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing 

Facilitate opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing among your consultancy talent. Companies that promote collaborative working are reportedly 5 times more likely to be high-performing. What better reason is there to encourage cross-functional teamwork, where consultants can learn from each other's experiences and leverage collective expertise. Create platforms for sharing best practices, lessons learned, and innovative ideas to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Leadership development 

Organisations that prioritise leadership development programs experience a remarkable 37% increase in employee retention rates compared to those that don’t.

Identify potential leaders within your consultancy talent pool and provide them with leadership development opportunities. Offer mentorship programs, leadership training, and exposure to senior management. Empower them to take on leadership roles, leading projects or teams, and contributing to strategic decision-making.

Regular check-ins and career growth discussions 

Conduct regular check-ins to discuss consultants' career aspirations, challenges, and growth opportunities. Research shows employees are 3.6 times more likely to feel motivated to deliver outstanding work when their manager provides regular feedback. Provide constructive guidance and support in aligning their goals with the business’ objectives. Regularly revisit their career development plans to ensure ongoing progress and adaptability.

Get ready to create a culture of growth with Swisslinx

By implementing these strategies, you can nurture your top consultancy talent, creating a culture of growth, engagement, and mutual success. 

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