Smart Cities: A Dive into Smart Technology and Tech Advancements in Switzerland

Posting date: 20 October 2020

IoT and Digital Age: Switzerland's Smart City Revolution

The digital age has transformed the meaning of ‘smart’. What was once a nod towards human intelligence now refers to a product, service – even a city - that is connected via the Internet of Things (IoT)

Data and information are the building blocks of a smart city, where they are captured and transmitted using electrical signals to improve the city's functioning. 

The only country to steal three spots in the 2023 Smart City Index is the home of luxury chocolates and high-precision watchmaking – Switzerland. 

Could this signal that Switzerland is the smartest country in the world

What is a Smart City?

‘Smart’ conjures up the image of multiple wireless connections beaming to form a complex network of signals. These signals make a city interconnected, but what makes the city smart is when the data is used to make more informed decisions and improve the lives of the residents. 

Zurich tops the IMD Smart City Index

In the Smart City Index, Zurich secured the top spot in the IMD Smart City Index with HDI context - followed by Oslo and Canberra – and was recognised for its health facilities, governance and education. 

However, the citizens of Zurich addressed the need for e-voting and greater investment in mobile apps for car sharing. 

Meanwhile, Geneva took ninth place for their basic amenities, health, education and social mobility. Air pollution was identified as a problem in this Swiss city, and this could be a call for increased investment in smart devices that conserve natural resources.

This continuous investment in new technologies is one of the reasons why Switzerland took first place in the 2023 Global Innovation Index once again, but how has the push towards developing smart applications and devices impacted the healthcare system?

How Smart Technology is Revolutionising Swiss Healthcare?

Despite no universal coverage in Switzerland, the nation is renowned for having a high-quality healthcare system. As the digital revolution sweeps over the country, technologies such as wearables, implanted sensors and smart textiles are beginning to push the boundaries and alter the skillset required for healthcare jobs

In PwC’s Digital Opportunity in the Swiss Healthcare System report, smart devices are identified as an emerging technology, suggesting that the true potential of Switzerland’s smart healthcare is yet to be seen. 

These devices are being used to collect patient data and report it in real time, resulting in reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

Several years later, more AR and VR tools applications within life sciences are beginning to emerge. These smart devices are now being used to help surgeons prepare for surgery and assist patients in performing their therapy exercises at home.

How Switzerland's Smart Cities' Innovation leads to Growth of the Job Market for Software Developers?

From pioneering research institutions to dynamic startup hubs, Switzerland creates an environment where innovation can flourish and drive economic growth. And software developers are the driving force that enables the country to remain competitive and at the forefront of technological advancements and economic growth. 

Despite the number of software developers living in Switzerland yet to reach the numbers in the US and estimates that the shortfall of ICT specialists will reach 40,000 by 2026, the job market is growing. 

Increased government investment in technology and a booming fintech market have led to a heightened demand for tech and digital skills, with no signs of the trend slowing down. 

Now, many software developers are trading in their coveted roles in Silicon Valley to relocate to the culturally vibrant Zurich. And with the rise of disruptive technology in Switzerland, more smart apps are being introduced. Perhaps all it will take is a competition to draw out these innovative ideas.

Navigating Switzerland's Smart Technology Job Market with Swisslinx

Our team at Swisslinx is dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends, technologies and developments in the smart city of Switzerland so we can provide you with timely career advice. 

Whether Switzerland is the smartest country in the world remains up for debate, but one thing for sure is that the nation is making a name for itself in the smart technology market. 

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