The benefits of a career in medtech

Posting date: 08 December 2021

Medical technology in Switzerland has become a massive industry in recent years. Medtech companies have been playing a crucial role in driving digital transformation in healthcare. As a result of medtech, medical practitioners can more easily tackle the well-being and mental health needs of their patients. As technology has improved, there’s been a range of new digital tools and medical innovations, such as precision medicine, health wearables and telehealth devices. Medtech is one of the many niche areas within life sciences and as a career, it offers plenty of opportunities and pathways. Below, we explore the benefits of a career in medtech.

Social responsibility

The main objective of the medtech industry is to improve the lives of others and ensure people have access to quality healthcare. Advanced medical devices assist professionals with treating patients and making diagnoses. Therefore, a career in medical technology is highly valuable because medical professionals will be making a major contribution to society. Whether that’s in an engineering role, research and development or quality assurance role, there’s a huge responsibility when it comes to a career in medtech. It’s also an opportunity for professionals to be at the centre of technical innovation. Above all, working in medtech allows you to make a positive impact.

Continuous challenges

One of the main benefits of a career in medtech is the continuous challenges and growth opportunities. For example, life sciences and medtech companies conduct clinical trials – which is a research study aimed at evaluating the effects of new treatments on human health. Then there’s also the challenge of meeting compliance obligations. The ongoing technical innovation of markets in recent years means that medical device roles are always subject to change to meet the demands. However, developing long-term relationships with customers and building new ones remains at the core of the industry. Also, most healthcare and medical environments are fast-paced, so professionals can expect a continually changing and diverse environment. With new methods and breakthroughs being uncovered, this means professionals will be exposed to continuous learning opportunities and the chance to expand their existing knowledge.

Robust opportunities

In the medtech industry, there’s a range of opportunities for career growth due to the variety of different roles and pathways. Within the life sciences industry, you will have access to a large network of experienced doctors, clinicians and nurses who you can learn from and gain further knowledge. Furthermore, as a result of COVID-19, there’s been a rise in medtech jobs globally due to the demand for diagnostic tests and personal prevention equipment, as well as other medical supplies. Most of the medtech jobs reside in the life sciences and healthcare field, however, developer and computer science roles can be applied to other careers, making medical technology a flexible career path that gives you an array of options. A medtech career also allows you to specialize and build an in-demand niche skillset.

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