What are the key trends shaping the healthcare and life sciences sector?

Posting date: 17 March 2021

Digital technology is rapidly changing healthcare and life sciences, as organisations are seeking ways to improve their service with new products and healthcare solutions. In recent years, there’s been an increasing focus on high-value care and data is playing a key part in improving efficiency and the patient experience. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organisations have been forced to become more resilient and agile and deliver advanced, digital care. There are still some major challenges for creating a truly digital-first healthcare sector, but the industry is evolving – and below, we’re reflecting on the top trends leading the change.


Wearable devices


Thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, wearable devices have emerged as a key trend in healthcare, and have been poised to re-shape the sector. Some of the biggest companies that are investing in wearable medical devices include Abbott, Roche and Dexcom, all of whom are focused on providing patients with diabetic care. In Switzerland, Biovotion AG – acquired by Biofourmis – is a developer of a wearable sensing technology that allows continuous monitoring of patients with critical conditions. It’s wirelessly connected and shows reports on how individuals can improve their overall health. Wearable devices can provide patients with real-time data which allows healthcare providers to deliver more personalised care. Wearable technology is evolving fast and it presents massive opportunities for healthcare. 


Remote patient care


Remote patient care has become an increasingly popular option for patients. While not widespread in Switzerland, more and more companies are offering virtual healthcare services. For example, Swiss company Medgate offers telemedicine services and digital health solutions, and it’s one of the leaders in the remote patient care space. With the Medgate app, patients can access their doctor at any time of the day for their health concerns. The rise of remote working as a result of the pandemic has accelerated telemedicine and remote care, along with health providers that are more transparent, cost-sensitive and efficient.


Precision medicine 


Thanks to innovation and digital technology, medicine is becoming much more personalised. Precision medicine is an emerging field, which is focused on providing patients with highly tailored care, based on individual differences, such as people’s lifestyles, environment and genes. This dynamic approach means that medical professionals can offer more targeted treatment for specific conditions and provide a more accurate assessment of patients’ health. Accurate diagnosis is critical and precision medicine is hugely advantageous for treating brain and mental health. There’s no doubt the next generation of medical products will be built around personalisation.


Data-driven healthcare


As mentioned, the future of healthcare is likely to be built around the needs of the patient. This means that data and analytics will become central to healthcare organisations. Healthcare professionals have massive amounts of data at their fingertips. Increasing data and health information brings a range of benefits for both patients and health care professionals. However, there’s still challenges around data security when it comes to sharing and storing personal information. In the future, there will likely be greater security measures as connectivity and data continue to become a focal point. Gaining people’s trust is key, particularly for personal health. The health and life sciences organisations that will succeed are those that build their cultures around data and technology and understand how to use the best strategies to thrive in a competitive market


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