What are the benefits of a hybrid approach to recruitment?

Posting date: 11 May 2021

Remote hiring became the standard during the pandemic. Companies all around the world were forced to make the switch to recruiting and working virtually, and ‘hybrid working’ is set to become the norm for many companies. Before the outbreak, most businesses typically offered a fixed and traditional recruitment process. Now, many organisations are reaping the benefits of a hybrid approach to recruitment. While hybrid recruiting isn’t anything new, it’s become part of a larger talent acquisition strategy for many businesses. Below, we outline the key advantages of taking a hybrid approach to recruitment.


Enhanced candidate experience


One of the key benefits of incorporating a hybrid approach to recruitment is that it can create an exceptional experience for candidates. Using in-person hiring alongside virtual recruitment strategies is a great way to add additional value to the interview process, as candidates will be able to take advantage of the speed and convenience of virtual hiring. At the same time, you’ll be giving them the chance to physically meet the people they will be working with. Adopting a hybrid approach gives companies more flexibility. For example, bringing candidates into the office may not be an option for many companies, so virtual hiring makes it easy to pivot quickly by using virtual tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts.


Attract the best talent


Working from home has become an in-demand benefit for candidates, with full-time office work unlikely to return in the same capacity as pre-pandemic life. For many companies, remote working is now embedded in the culture, so it’s important to take a more flexible and hybrid approach to recruitment to attract quality candidates. What will set you apart from the competition is creating a hiring process that reflects the new normal and your company culture. When virtual recruitment works in tandem with more traditional recruitment strategies, it can complement the overall strategy and increase the chances of attracting and retaining the best talent.


Builds relationships quickly


In the recruitment world, building strong relationships is essential. Digital technology has given us the ability to connect and communicate with people we’ve never met before. There’s no doubt people have become more accustomed to building relationships virtually, which has been exemplified in the recruitment process. As we enter the new world of work, businesses still need to ensure they have in-person contact during the hiring process, to build more personal and engaged relationships. Taking a hybrid approach can enable businesses to form deeper connections with candidates, as they will be balancing both digital relationships with direct, in-person relationships. With virtual recruiting and traditional recruiting, you can grow and expand your network with valuable relationships.


Are you looking to recruit?


All businesses should be taking advantage of innovative recruitment strategies, and remote hiring to ensure they continue to expand their talent pools. At Swisslinx, we understand the demands of today’s market. With years of experience in recruiting top-tier candidates for roles within financehealthcare, and digital and technology, we’re able to provide quality consultancy and support to our clients. We’re dedicated to delivering an outstanding recruitment service and we’ve shown our capabilities through building great relationships and helping companies with their recruitment. If you’re looking to grow your team in Switzerland, contact us today to speak with one of our consultants who will gladly help.

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