Is data science the career of the future?

Posting date: 03 August 2021

Data analytics have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. With the demand for data projects constantly growing, analytics and data science has become critical for many businesses. As technology and machine learning becomes more complex, data scientists will be able to tackle the most complex challenges and help businesses analyse their data. Data science enables businesses to gather metrics about their audience and find patterns that will benefit the organisation. It’s needed in all industries and below, we explore why this career field has a massive future ahead of it.


New opportunities within data science


Data science and analytics is a relatively new discipline, but it’s constantly evolving and expanding. Now more than ever, there’s a focus on machine learning, personalisation and digital tools, which means the expectations and demands for companies in all industries are changing. According to research, data is expected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025. The most successful companies of the future will be those that leverage data and use these metrics to make informed decisions. With more data becoming available, new roles and opportunities in data science are likely to emerge. As technology continues to improve, businesses will be able to increase the sophistication of their data processes and operations, which means even the barrier for entry for data scientists will be lower than ever.


An in-demand career


Data scientists are relevant to virtually every sector, making these roles incredibly valuable. Data analytics and science played a key role in managing the COIVD-19 pandemic, and this drastic shift in business operations has arguably pushed data science into the spotlight. As a career, data science encompasses a range of different roles, such as data engineer, business intelligence developer and data analyst. Now more than ever, there’s more specialisation required as business problems become more complex. One of the greatest advantages of data science is that it can allow organisations to understand their audience and personalise experiences, as well as question the existing processes, all of which makes data science such a challenging and dynamic career path – and one that will be even more valuable in the future.


Technological changes


There’s no doubt that advances in robotics, machine learning and AI will create an array of opportunities for data science. Innovation has always been a job creator and as the world becomes more data-driven, using more data to train machine learning models to predict outcomes and forecast results. The combination of information and data visualisation are likely to become increasingly important and play a huge role in the data science career path. Successful adoption of new technologies and data tools will enhance performance, and the promise of automation will boost productivity. While many data activities have the potential to be automated, the cognitive and learning abilities of humans, are still important for data careers. As new tools emerge and companies need to invest further in data specialists, it’s easy to imagine the data analyst becoming an essential role across all companies and industries.

Are you hiring data scientists?


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