What are the benefits of collaborative hiring?

Posting date: 09 August 2021

Talent acquisition has changed dramatically in the past decade. There’s been a move away from traditional job websites to a new era of tech-driven recruitment, which includes video interviews, social media and applicant tracking systems, as well as hybrid recruitment. The hiring process is also becoming much more collaborative. With a collaborative recruitment model, recruiting is a team effort, which means multiple members of the business are involved in the process, rather than just the hiring manager. It can pave the way for greater harmony in your team and bring huge benefits to your recruitment. Below, we take a look at why companies should prioritise collaborative hiring. 


Improved candidate experience


One of the main benefits of collaborative hiring is an improved candidate experience. Meeting different members of the team gives candidates wider insights into your business and helps form a more holistic view of the organisation. Additionally, the collaborative hiring process will allow more members of the team to meet the candidate, which means there will be lots of opportunities for them to share their stories and experiences working at the company. Collaborative hiring can also help with the onboarding process once a candidate accepts a job as they will be more familiar with the team, helping them settle into the role. Introducing candidates to their potential colleagues can massively improve the candidate experience while also showcasing company culture.


Help identify cultural fit


Hiring for cultural fit means evaluating a candidate’s personality and social skills, and the likelihood of that person being able to adapt and conform to the core values of the company. Every team has a perception of an organisation’s culture. Collaborative hiring, then, makes it easier to identify cultural fit because each team member will be able to offer their perspective on whether or not the candidate will work well with existing employees. With more people involved in the process, it’s much easier to fine-tune the hiring process and ensure your chosen candidate will be successful culturally.


Increase employee retention


Since collaborative hiring involves current employees, this can lead to your team members feeling more engaged. A collaborative hiring model reinforces the idea that employees’ opinions and perspectives are valued and welcomed by the company. Having your team more involved in the hiring process can be an excellent way to give them more responsibility. It can also give them a better understanding of the selection process, as well as a greater appreciation of the work required for hiring the best candidates.


Creates a more transparent hiring process


Transparency in the hiring process is critical for attracting and attaining top talent. The best organisations build their recruitment around trust between the business and the candidate, with clear communication and honesty. That’s why involving more team members can make the process more open and transparent for candidates. Throughout the interview process, candidates will be able to see the type of people they’re going to be working with. Your team’s interactions with candidates can make the process much more engaging, and keep everyone involved on the same page. Overall, collaborative hiring is an effective strategy for attracting top candidates and boosting the engagement of current employees.


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