5 unique facts about Switzerland's fintech market

Posting date: 14 November 2022

Are you considering moving to Europe but need help with the best options for fintech jobs? 

Switzerland’s fintech market is one of the most dynamic and thriving in the world. 

This truly unique and exciting workplace allows you to take your fintech career in new directions and learn from industry leaders.

Read ahead to learn five unique facts about the Swiss fintech market that will get you interested in moving to the world’s financial capital.

Fact 1 - There are over 355 fintech companies in Switzerland

Switzerland boasts a fast-growing fintech industry, home to more than 355 companies and growing year on year at an annual rate of 7%. 

This growth is not only creating more opportunities for fintech professionals but is also heating recruitment competition. That means that qualified professionals are well-situated to land lucrative contracts, not to mention work with industry leaders.

Fact 2 – Funding rounds are getting larger 

Although the number of businesses dropped from 2020 to 2021, those remaining raised larger funding rounds, suggesting that the market is maturing. 

Rapid, untethered growth is a thing of the past as established businesses continue to grow and mature, building on their successes. You can expect more stability and growth from companies with increasing experience and larger budgets.

Fact 3 – Venture capital activity is reaching record levels

According to Finance. Swiss venture capital activity in the Swiss fintech sector reached a record level in 2021 regarding the number of financing rounds (87) and volume (446 million CHF). 

While this may not position Switzerland alongside countries like the UK and Germany, it does signal that Switzerland is amongst the world’s major players.


Fact 4 – Switzerland sits at the top of global rankings for financial centres

It won’t be any surprise that Switzerland is one of the world’s heaviest hitters in banking and finance, sitting at the top of global rankings for financial centres. 

Despite the fintech market coming in around the middle, this presents a positive challenge for the firms. There is, quite clearly, plenty of room for growth and improvement in this area, and the reputable global standing of their financial centre is a valuable opportunity for growth. 

After all, people already know and trust the Swiss for their financial products – fintech is the next logical step for many consumers.

Fact 5 - The Swiss fintech market has gained considerable funding from blockchain investors

Switzerland is always ahead of the curve regarding new financial paradigms. For instance, their crypto banks are some of the largest in the world, attracting huge interest from big-name investors

Swiss financial companies can focus on the strengths of the crypto market, such as transparency, data quality, and lower costs, to build up the overall fintech market.

Are you ready for a career in Swiss fintech?

Working in Switzerland is a smart move for anyone invested in their fintech career. Living and working in Switzerland is a wonderful choice with a high quality of life and excellent compensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Fintechs are there in Switzerland?

Several Fintech companies in Switzerland are constantly evolving. Switzerland has been a significant player in the global Fintech scene, particularly in cities like Zurich and Geneva.

Which country in Europe has the best fintech?

Determining the "best" Fintech country can be subjective, as different countries excel in various aspects of the Fintech ecosystem. 

However, the United Kingdom, particularly London, has been a major hub for Fintech in Europe. Other notable countries with strong Fintech scenes include Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Which country is fintech?

The term "Fintech" is not associated with a specific country. The global industry stands for financial technology, encompassing innovative technologies and solutions in the financial sector. Fintech companies and initiatives can be found worldwide.

Where are most Fintechs located?

Major global financial centres host a significant number of Fintech companies. Cities like London, New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong are renowned for their concentration of Fintech startups and established players. 

Additionally, regions within countries, such as Silicon Valley in the United States and the London Tech City in the UK, are notable hubs for Fintech innovation.

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