How to create a healthy business culture?

Posting date: 25 May 2022

A healthy business culture is the backbone of a happy workforce and according to the World Economic Forum, company culture is key to keeping the best people on a team. From attracting the right candidates to improving employee satisfaction and productivity, a positive business culture is what holds a company together, moving it closer to its goals. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, when hundreds of thousands of employees were decentralised, knowing how to maintain company culture while working remotely became a pivotal role for HR and company leaders across the globe. Below, we’ll share essential advice on how to create a business culture, so that you, too, can benefit from higher employee retention rates, increased collaboration, and a workforce that feels valued.

 Define your company’s values and goals


Healthy business cultures are grounded in missions, values, and goals that drive all decisions. When these missions, values, and goals consider the well-being of employees, they can expand their potential and may even make the world a better place as a whole. Start by asking yourself questions such as, are you going to be socially conscious? What are your personal beliefs, and do you want them to infiltrate your company? What can you do to embody your business’ core values and goals? Once you have determined how you want your company to be and what you want it to attain, you can work on creating a healthy culture that embodies these values.

Make sure all your leaders are on board


Your ideas and policies to create a thriving business culture may be significant, but if any of your team leaders disagree with them — especially with carrying out your defined values and goals — it will be hard to get everyone else on board. Leaders set the tone within a company and, as an effective leader, it’s important that your work environment ensures everyone has a voice. In this regard, communication is a priority and a key element in engineering your company culture so that it stands firm. When you set the groundwork for open communication from the top, it’s likely to filter down to the entire workforce. These free-flowing and safe channels will inspire your company members to share their feelings and perspectives, helping to create a business that fosters the well-being of every member.


Nurture the culture


A business culture isn’t something that flourishes overnight. For your employees to thrive, you need to nurture the culture, helping it to grow and transform into an eminent source that drives your business forward while catering to the needs of a diverse team.

One way to nurture your business culture is to prioritize your employees’ overall wellness. This means your business needs to provide the tools to not only encourage physical and mental health but should also provide a means to help employees transform or drive their careers forward within your organisation. You can do this by ensuring or providing access to programs where they can seek help and guidance.

For example, you could hire mental health professionals to assist management and HR to determine signs of mental health challenges within their employees. Evaluate the ways your business culture is helping or hindering workplace efficiency and employee morale – and then make necessary adjustments while sticking to the business’s core values and goals.


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