What are the best ways to showcase your soft skills in a job application?

Posting date: 16 August 2022

Why are soft skills important in the workplace?

Truth be told, soft skills may be the unsung hero of any working environment, influencing how you build relationships, interact with others, and function within a team.

Naturally, this is part of the reason that so many employers are now paying attention to the importance of soft skill training in the workplace.

So, what are some examples of soft skills?

  • communication
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • delegation
  • time management
  • organisation

While having mastery over technical skills is, of course, essential for job performance, well-developed soft skills make it easier to navigate through the workplace.

Honing these traits is one thing, but how do you showcase your soft skills on a CV or job application? Below, we’ve outlined the best ways to show your personal attributes, which will no doubt help you secure your next role.

Show your commitment to growth

Employers often look for candidates who want to grow and evolve and have embraced continuous improvement of their skills and knowledge over time.

When applying for a new role, there are plenty of ways to demonstrate your commitment to growth and bolster your soft skill portfolio. For example, you may want to include on your application any short courses or online programs you have completed, and the accreditation that you achieved. This will show you have a growth mindset and are interested in learning.

It’s highly important that you’re always seeking more knowledge and learning something new because this will enrich your skills and performance on the job, and make you a much more attractive candidate on an application.

Demonstrate your interpersonal skills

Strong interpersonal skills enable you to build great relationships with others and operate successfully in a group.

Professionals with good interpersonal skills are often highly regarded, as they have the ability to understand and lead others, as well as make good decisions and motivate those around them.

Employers will always be interested in candidates with strong interpersonal skills. You should always be looking for ways to quantify the soft skills listed on your job application, so how can you do this when it comes to your interpersonal skills?

One of the best ways to highlight your interpersonal skills is by showing examples of how you’ve built relationships, worked as part of a team, or supervised others. Can you apply any of these examples to a real-life scenario? Break it down for your potential employer.

Include examples of problem-solving

Problem-solving remains a highly in-demand soft skill in every industry.

Employers are always interested in candidates who can define a problem, identify its cause, and develop a solution in an effective manner.

Admittedly, some people naturally have a logic-oriented mindset that lends itself to problem-solving—but it’s also a learnable soft skill that you can hone through training and consistent practice.

This is why it’s considered a personal strength rather than a hard skill.

There are many ways to show examples of problem-solving on a job application. For example, if you work in the financial services industry, you could show examples of how you helped create a forecast of cash flow based on previous results, or how you’ve successfully assessed financial data with your role.

Alternatively, if you work in the digital and technology sectors, you could show examples of how you have used analytics to gather information and provide solutions.

Use your soft skills to move your career forward

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