How to advance your career as a project manager

Posting date: 22 August 2022

Project management is a hugely important role in every business for ensuring projects are planned and delivered on time, and at the highest quality. All projects must be aligned with the company’s goals and key objectives, so project managers need to be strategic individuals, understand budgets and deliver projects by the deadline. With the right execution, project management saves resources, improves company culture and reduces costs. But how do professionals make sure they’re always growing as project managers? Below, we discuss the different ways you can advance your career as a project manager.

Develop leadership skills

There’s no doubt that if you want to progress as a project manager, you need to build your leadership skills. Successful project managers or those who move into more senior positions have strong management and effective leadership skills, which includes influencing skills and interpersonal communication. As a project manager, you need to be able to engage well with a team and ensure projects are delivered on time. To advance in your project management role and continue to succeed, you need to be able to foresee outcomes and provide solutions.

Learn new project management software

If you’re a project manager looking to improve your career prospects, you must learn the relevant project management software. These are tools that can help even the most experienced project managers stay organised, work more efficiently and remain in control of their workload. From project tools like Quickbase and Notion to Microsoft Lists, there are a variety of project management tools that you can learn. With project management tools, professionals can easily plan their projects, keep a real-time check of workflows and collaborate with wider teams. These tools are essential to the career growth of a project manager because it allows for effortless planning and budget management. Continuous learning and understanding new platforms are always excellent ways to advance your career.

Be clear about your long term goals

In any role, it’s important to be transparent about your career ambitions and let people know what you want to do next. By understanding your long term goals and outlining a plan, you’ll be able to have a clearer idea of where you see yourself in the future. Once you know where you’re going, let management or senior leadership know about your plans for the future. A good company with great leadership will support your progression by providing you with extra responsibilities and training. By having a clear idea about your career path, you’ll have an easier time moving forward.

Invest in certification

One of the most significant ways to advance your career in project management is to achieve a formal qualification in project management through an online course. The key benefit here is that you’ll be gaining additional skills and knowledge that can help you in your current role. Taking up professional courses can improve your performance and further your confidence. The more you equip yourself with the key skills that the company requires, the more essential you will become for the company as a project manager.

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