What are the benefits of a career in digital tech?

Posting date: 26 September 2022

After a two-year reign at the top, it is anticipated that Switzerland will continue to rank first in the Global Innovation Index. Showcasing the country’s remarkable resilience in the digital industry and presenting a wealth of opportunities for tech professionals.


A career in digital tech is certainly a promising one, especially as the number of Swiss tech companies continues to increase. Not only does this indicate the industry’s growth potential, but also portrays the genuine demand for experts to assist in cyber-security, data engineering and even software creation.


Read on as we explore the benefits of a career in digital technology and why Bern and Zürich are the best cities to pursue your tech career.


 A career in an evergreen industry


The future is in fact technology and there will never not be a time when your tech talents won’t be needed. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are only a few of the innovations that are transforming our world today. For example, the finance sector has moved from traditional banking and wealth management services to implementing blockchain technology and introducing robo-advisors. It is clear that technology will only become more inseparable from the financial sector. All businesses, regardless of industry, are now directing their attention to finding experts in digital tech to assist in creating more cyber-safe, efficient and streamlined experiences for both themselves and their clients.


 A career with a strong sense of purpose


Technology is a driving force for innovation and societal progression. We have technology to thank for the many convenient and modern luxuries we enjoy today. With contactless payment methods and e-wallets becoming more popular, we are no longer exposed to the risk of physical money being stolen from us and feel safer making larger transactions digitally. Thanks to mobile applications like TWINT, we have been able to make payments more hygienically too, which has proved particularly beneficial for preventing the spread of Covid-19. The mobile application has over 3.5 million active users and 45% of the Swiss population are using the app to carry out their mobile payments. This is just one way that technology professionals are able to contribute to the creation of everyday digital solutions.

A career that allows for flexibility


Research shows that remote working allows for a 13.5% increase in productivity when compared to office-based working. Tech companies and businesses all over the world are more appreciative of their employee’s performance after giving them the space to find the environment that fuels their productivity best. Transitioning into the tech industry allows you to work flexible hours from home and more businesses are encouraging this. Taking cybersecurity jobs as an example, allowing for more malleability and ease, helps with the meaningful work they do to protect our data. Choosing a career that allows for more flexibility can also help promote a better work-life balance.


Are you looking to grow your career in digital tech?


The roots of Swisslinx lie firmly in the realm of technology. Thanks to over 20 years of experience  and expertise in sectors like digital and technology recruitment and financial services, we have been able to gain global recognition as a top talent partner. Priding ourselves in connecting candidate aspirations with client opportunities, we have what it takes to exceed your expectations. Ready to grow your career in digital tech? Whether you are new to the industry or looking to take the next step in your career, reveal your tech talents and contact us today.


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