10 life sciences start-ups to watch out for

Posting date: 19 January 2023

Things are heating up in the European life sciences market. Many dynamic life sciences start-ups are making waves across the continent and beyond. With new technologies and a renewed interest in health after the pandemic, it’s an exciting time of change for the industry.


Check out our list below to learn about European companies using cellular and biomolecular processes to overcome illnesses and improve diagnostics and overall health management. Some key trends around the continent include  wearable devices, remote patient care, and precision medicine.

In particular, Switzerland,
known for its investment in new technologies, has a strong biotech sector. In fact, three Swiss biotech start-ups made the top fifteen on the annual TOP 100 Swiss Start-ups List in 2021. Here’s a closer look at some of the newcomers that are making life sciences recruitment agencies sit up and take notice.

10 life science start-up companies and why you should watch out for them


Phagos — France

Phagos is working on applying phages (organisms that kill others) to destroy bacteria, reducing the need for antibiotics and preventing antibiotic resistance. The company is trialling phages in many innovative ways to treat problems from acne to livestock illness.

CUTISS - Switzerland

Switzerland’s CUTISS develops skin technology called denovoSkin to treat skin defects in children and adults with scalds and burns. Using human skin grafts, the Zurich-based biotech start-up reduces scarring after transplantation.  


SWORD Health — Portugal

SWORD Health is pioneering musculoskeletal solutions to help patients recover from surgery in their own homes rather than staying in a hospital. Patients tend to do better at home, often resulting in better clinical outcomes. SWORD’s technology decentralises musculoskeletal care and puts the power in the patient's hands.


Araris Biotech - Switzerland

Araris Biotech developed efficient antibody-drug conjugates, drugs that attach themselves to antibodies with the proprietary “Araris Linker.” They’ve recently raised more than CHF 15 million in seed funding, and they will soon begin pre-clinical development.

DNA Script — France

DNA Script will make it simpler than ever to create custom DNA for DNA research. The DNA Script’s SYNTAX benchtop system will allow researchers and laboratory technicians to more easily “print” DNA, ensuring they can perform their vital R&D activities.


HAYA Therapeutics - Switzerland

Based in Lausanne, HAYA Therapeutics develops precision drugs that treat heart disease, fibrotic diseases, cancer, and other health issues caused by ageing. In May, HAYA raised CHF 18 million in a seed financing round.


SpliceBio — Spain

SpliceBio focuses on gene therapies and adeno-associated viruses (AAVs). AAVs are an effective way for a laboratory technician to deliver gene therapies, but they are often too small to complete the task. SpliceBio is working on overcoming this size issue, using Stargardt disease, an ophthalmological issue, as their main test case.


Micrographia Bio — UK

Micrographia Bio’s bio-imaging platform allows researchers to view hundreds of proteins simultaneously. They can watch a drug join its proteins in real-time by combining a super resolution microscope with cutting-edge computer vision.


Vibrosonic — Germany

Many people seek life sciences jobs so that they can truly help people, and that is certainly the case with Germany’s Vibrosonic. Their tech allows people with hearing impairments to gain an “almost natural” hearing experience by using hearing ‘contact lens.’ Their lens technology sits directly on the eardrum and mimics the natural hearing processes for an effective result.


Syrona Health — UK

Syrona’s digital gynaecological health platform is designed to help women with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Its revolutionary algorithm predicts endometriosis flare-ups, assisting sufferers in getting the help they need. In addition, the technology dramatically decreases treatment time, preventing pain and improving overall health for millions of women with these illnesses.  

Looking to work in one of these life sciences jobs?

Whether you’re looking for a listing as a clinical development lead, laboratory technician, or bioprocess engineer, there are many exciting opportunities within the European life sciences market.


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