What makes a great remote IT manager?

Posting date: 02 October 2023

Did you know that according to a Harvard survey, 40% of leaders felt unprepared to manage remote employees? Additionally, 41% of those leaders struggled to keep their remote team members engaged. The survey found that only 40% of employees working from home felt adequately supported by their superiors.

The rise of remote work has revolutionised the way businesses operate, and IT departments are no exception. The role of managers in Switzerland IT jobs, has evolved to accommodate remote teams.

Managing remote teams can present unique challenges, but there are ways to overcome them and create a thriving virtual work environment. As leaders, it's crucial to adapt and invest in strategies that foster engagement, communication, and support for remote employees.

If you’re searching for IT manager jobs, and are keen to succeed in the world of remote working, embrace these key traits to enhance remote work experiences and boost team productivity:

Understand that communication is a key driving force

Effective communication is the cornerstone of remote team management. A great remote IT manager possesses excellent communication skills that enable them to convey complex technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner. 

Trust is key for promoting a healthy company culture while working remotely. You can achieve this by actively encouraging open communication, creating a culture where team members feel comfortable sharing ideas, concerns, and feedback. Be proactive in initiating regular team meetings, video conferences, and one-on-one check-ins to ensure that every team member is well-informed about goals, tasks, and project updates. 

Be a leader, not a boss

Managing a remote IT team demands exceptional leadership skills. A great remote IT manager knows how to motivate and inspire their team members, even from a distance. Set clear goals and expectations, offering support and guidance along the way. Recognise and celebrate team achievements. Create a positive and inclusive work environment that boosts team morale and encourage everyone to perform at their best.

Whether managing a remote team or working in a traditional office setting, the fundamental role of a manager remains unchanged: to inspire and support employees, while efficiently allocating resources to achieve outstanding performance. 

As an IT manager, your influence, technical expertise, and guidance play a pivotal role in fostering a productive and engaged workforce. Whether navigating virtual collaboration or face-to-face interactions, your leadership is vital in cultivating a high-performing team. 

Be adaptable and flexible

One of the key attributes of a great remote manager is their adaptability to the unique challenges of remote work. It’s important to understand that different team members have different working styles and schedules, and to accommodate flexibility while still ensuring a cohesive and organised workflow. 

In order to build and sustain a hybrid work culture, focus on nurturing opprtunities to build on a new and fresh way of working, instead of dwelling on the past. Use project management and collaboration tools to streamline communication and task assignments effectively. 

Lead with empathy and emotional intelligence

A great remote IT manager is not only focused on tasks and deadlines but also on the well-being of their team members. Remote work can be isolating, so regularly check in on your team's emotional well-being. By showing empathy and understanding, you will build strong relationships with your team, fostering loyalty and dedication.

Use a results-oriented approach

Remote work can sometimes blur the line between work and personal life. A great remote IT manager focuses on results rather than micromanaging work hours. Set clear objectives and provide the necessary resources and support for your team to achieve these goals. Trusting team members to deliver results will empower them to take ownership of their work and excel in their roles.

Are you ready to apply your new IT management skills?

A great remote IT manager possesses a unique blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. By fostering open communication, promoting teamwork, and emphasising results, you can lead remote IT teams to success in today's fast-paced world. By embracing these qualities and continuously seeking feedback and self-improvement, you can create a thriving and successful remote IT team.

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