Hybrid working: How to balance flexibility with culture loss

Posting date: 17 April 2023

Hybrid working is changing the world of work. But are you wondering how to foster a culture where hybrid working doesn’t result in culture loss? You’re not alone. As Switzerland shifted towards hybrid working during the Covid-19 pandemic, hiring managers were worried their unique company culture could suffer or even be forgotten.


We’ve now seen that hybrid working can lead to greater productivity and increased job satisfaction. According to an Owl Labs study, 22% of hybrid employees report feeling happier and having a better work-life balance, not to mention saving time and money on their commute. In addition, an American Gallup Poll found that 27% of hybrid workers received “excellent” performance reviews.


However, this working style shouldn’t come at the expense of culture loss – and it doesn’t have to.


Based on our years of experience, we’ve compiled some tactics for balancing flexibility with workplace culture. Swisslinx is a recruitment agency that can provide valuable insight and help you with this challenging task. If you have further questions or need help with your talent needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Four ways to build and sustain a hybrid work culture

Instead of focusing on the loss of culture that can occur with hybrid working, think instead of the hybrid working culture you can establish and nurture. Remember – dwelling on your previous in-office culture can deter people and make you seem stuck in the past. Instead, this is an exciting opportunity to do something fresh and new. 

Below, we detail four ways you can build and sustain a hybrid work culture.

·       Keep things flexible
Maybe your previous workplace culture included mandatory in-person breakfast meetings – that won’t work in a hybrid work environment. Today, it’s all about keeping things flexible. This model of work thrives on flexibility – allowing employees to decide what hours and ways of working work best for them.

The happiest and most valued employees define a great company culture, so be flexible and allow people some space.


·       Provide opportunities for growth

Providing plenty of career opportunities is a brilliant way to promote workplace culture and keep your hybrid team motivated. Invest in training for them and focus on facilitating mentorship opportunities. Mentorships are even more critical in a hybrid work environment, as they foster one-on-one connections.


Investing in your employees helps create an ethical workplace culture, improves retention and ensures that they stay with you instead of seeking opportunities elsewhere.


·       Focus on communication and connectivity

The best company cultures have always focused on communication, but it’s even more critical within a hybrid working workplace. After all, strong communication ensures that management and employees stay connected and on the same page.


Don’t forget to keep everyone in the loop – employees working from home should receive the same level of communication as employees working in your physical office. In addition, all information should be transmitted electronically so no one is excluded from work and social conversations.  


·       Use employee surveys to find out how everyone is feeling

When you see someone regularly in person, you can usually tell when they are disgruntled. However, when you’re working different schedules and in different locations, it can be hard to tell how they are feeling.

That’s where tools like employee surveys can be especially useful. For example, survey software can send out regular employee feedback surveys, both anonymous and named, to give you valuable information about how everyone is feeling.


Great hybrid workplace culture starts with the right employees

If you want to create and sustain a great hybrid workplace culture, it all starts with hiring the right professionals who are an excellent cultural fit for your organisation. If you’re unsure where to look for them, it’s time to partner with an expert.


Swisslinx is a specialist recruitment agency in Switzerland with years of experience sourcing the right talent in healthcare, fintech, biotech, and financial services. If you want to learn more and benefit from Swisslinx’s vast experience, get in touch to discuss your talent needs.