How can nanotechnology transform the biotech market?

Posting date: 01 June 2023

Switzerland is known for being at the forefront of medical science and technology. Boasting some of the world’s most advanced labs, Swiss scientists are responsible for revolutionary medical advancements, such as the CyberKnife, robotic surgery, and helical tomotherapy.

Now, the country is leading the way with biotech nanotechnology. Biotechnology integrates natural sciences and engineering sciences to develop products and services that use organisms, and molecular analogues.
Nanotechnology takes things one step further by incorporating nanomaterials, which are minute particles that measure less than 100 nanometres.


Biotech nanotechnology can now create devices and products that are thousands of times narrower than a human hair. In medicine, biotech nanotechnology helps medicines reach their target quicker and more accurately, allowing for the use of a smaller amount of the active material. For the patient, this means reduced side effects and risk of adverse reactions.

Here are four ways that biotech nanotechnology is transforming the medical industry.

4 ways that nanotechnology is impacting the biotech market

1.      Biotech nanotechnology can manipulate individual atoms

Biotech nanotechnology allows for the use of molecular materials in healthcare, treating diseases and ailments that were previously uncurable with traditional “macro” solutions. These new tools allow doctors and researchers to observe and assess the nanoscale processes that take place inside cells. Already, researchers have been able to make advancements in Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes.


2.      Biotech nanotechnologies, such as smart pills and nanobots, are revolutionising diagnoses

Medical misdiagnosis is a massive problem, affecting the recovery, treatment, and outcome of millions of patients worldwide. This is often blamed on the fact that most symptoms can represent multiple different diseases, and diagnostic tools are often imprecise.


That’s where nanotechnologies come into play. They can significantly improve the entire diagnostic process, getting to the core of the issue and identifying specific diseases. In addition, solutions like smart pills are often far less expensive than extensive batteries of tests. So-called smart pills include nanoscale sensors that go straight to the disease site and can detect even the earliest signs of a problem.

3.      Nanotechnology aids in precise medical treatment

Just as biotech nanotechnology can be used to diagnose disease and illness, it can also be a vital tool for determining the course of treatment. In fact, the primary application of nanorobots to this point has been to deliver drugs to a targeted site without harming nearby healthy tissue.

Similarly, nanotechnology can be used for patients who forget or are unable to take their medicines on a regular basis. Prescribed drug regimens are crucial to managing most diseases, yet studies show that more than half of patients dealing with chronic diseases do not take their medicine as prescribed. Thankfully, nanotechnology, including smart pills, can be programmed to release medicine automatically over time. This eliminates the need for complex drug schedules and ensures patients get the right doses at the right times.

4.      Biotech nanotechnology can prevent illnesses and disease

Finally, nanotechnologies aren’t just able to treat diseases – they can prevent them in the first place. For instance, waterborne illnesses are common in the developing world, leading to illness and disease. Nanoparticles can be employed to check for microbial contaminants and prevent sickness quickly, easily, and cheaply. Wearable nanotechnologies, such as smart bandages, are also being developed in order to avoid infection and encourage blood clotting.

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