What are the top skills for tech professionals?

Posting date: 21 September 2021

It’s no secret that technology has become critical to business operations in every industry. As companies scramble to remain on top of the latest innovations, the demand for tech professionals has increased. This means there are valuable opportunities for tech specialists to progress their careers. There are a variety of tech roles, from java developer to windows engineer. But what are the skills and abilities that can help candidates stand out from the competition? Below, we outline some of the most essential skills for tech professionals.

Cloud technology

With remote working becoming a standard in the business world, it’s no surprise that cloud and infrastructure skills have been hugely in demand. Google Cloud, Azure and AWS are among some of the most common cloud-based services. Cloud technology and computing have grown immensely in recent years. It’s paved the way for a range of platforms that provide storage and software as a service, with information securely stored in the ‘cloud’. With so many businesses using cloud software, it’s all the more important tech professionals understand how to use various cloud computing tools and their features. This could include budget tracking, API integration and real-time data management.

Full-stack engineering

Full-stack development and engineering involve the process of developing both the front-end and back-end of a website or application. These professionals are multi-taskers with an excellent understanding of web architecture. Developing a career in full-stack development means learning a wide variety of technical skills, such as database and cache, as well as security and networking. Technology professionals that are well-versed in full-stack engineering can expect to find themselves in a strong market position when looking for new roles.

Digital business analysis

With the rise of data science analytics, digital business analysis has become a highly valuable skill for technology professionals. Digital business analysis helps businesses make key decisions by developing systems and strategies to drive growth. Professionals with digital analyst skills can review large amounts of information related to website traffic and performance, then evaluate the data and work to improve the results. Business analysis enables companies to review problems and provide technological solutions, which can include taking advantage of different software, tools and applications. The ability to analyse data will no doubt continue to be in high demand.


Since businesses now have access to large volumes of data, the risk of security breaches has increased drastically in recent years. There’s no doubt that companies need technology professionals who are skilled in various areas related to cybersecurity, which includes application security, cloud security and risk identification. It’s important that today’s companies understand how to detect and monitor security schemes to avoid stolen credentials. Therefore, cybersecurity has become critical as digital technology has advanced. As companies continue to offer their employees remote working opportunities, there will likely be a far greater demand for cybersecurity skills.

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