How has technology reshaped the modern workplace?

Posting date: 26 October 2022

 New technologies are making their way onto the scene at an unprecedented rate and it’s not hard to see the scale at which they’re reshaping work environments. All companies, regardless of the market they operate in, are embracing the advancements and are using the tools to mould workplaces into wholesome cultures where business can expand, and employees can thrive.

With the rise of industry 4.0, global digital transformation is imminent. From technology jobs through to finance jobs, the corporate world has and will continue to change the way it collaborates and manages employees. Not only that, but emerging tech is forecasted to grow at a rapid rate of 104% between 2018 and 2023. This means that modern workplaces will experience rapid change and innovative developments in the next year alone.

Could the digital revolution have finally reached a point of inflection? And how has the emerging technology reshaping the modern workplace?

 Increased workplace productivity and employee efficiency


Today’s businesses must keep up with a fast-paced world to survive. To do this, they must use technology to add an element of swiftness to operations. Technological tools such as high-speed internet, smart devices, cloud storage, and other software are used to enhance everyday work routines.

The result is optimised time management that often provides room for creativity and streamlined schedules that aren’t overwhelming. With technology as an aid, employees can focus on other important tasks and avoid missing deadlines. Simultaneously, certain technologies have made hybrid forms of working possible, thus catering to professionals who need more flexible work models.

 Improved communication

 With the arrival of smartphones, VoIP services like Zoom, chat apps, and social networks, communication has reached an all-time high. Even during the Covid-19 lockdowns, communication was kept consistent so companies could continue to operate. In fact, distance has become completely irrelevant and collaboration in many companies has improved since the pandemic.

Of course, better communication also helps business leaders to stay in close touch with their employees, ensuring departments cooperate and projects are seen through successfully.

 Heightened levels of security

 Prior to modern technology, businesses were more vulnerable to threats like corporate espionage. Today’s reinforced security channels have been implemented in most successful companies, allowing critical information to stay in the right hands. From security software to cameras and other devices, it’s become easier to monitor workplace activities, ensuring there are no practices harmful to the interests of employees and the business.

Illegally acquiring critical information might have been easy in the past, but now the threat of data leaks has been substantially mitigated, allowing the workplace to continue flowing without security setbacks.


Improved cost management

Regardless of the industry, the goal of most companies is increased profitability. This is another area where technology has influenced the modern workplace. Technology is being used to reduce business expenses in several ways. For example, software tools such as Swiss21 help eliminate the need for manual tasks, thus reducing human error in business. With little human error and cost management automated, business leaders and colleagues can focus on profitable tasks. This boosts morale in work cultures, enabling employees to practice their best skills instead of concerning themselves with the intricacies of running financial accounts.

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