What are the benefits of robotics in financial services?

Posting date: 29 March 2022

Technological advancements have paved the way for the rise of automation tools, which have transformed industries across the globe. In the finance sector, robotics have been driving greater efficiency, compliance and accuracy for several years now – and financial robotics have started to evolve into full process automation. With robotics starting to dominate every industry, it is often feared that this will cause mass job losses. However, many experts disagree and according to the World Economic Forum, robotic automation will lead to an increase of 58 million jobs. Robotics has always been ripe for financial services, as they can enable companies to reduce manual efforts and allow staff to focus on the customer experience and other important areas of the business. Below, we discuss the key benefits of robotics in financial services.

Report automation

Robotics has huge potential in all areas of the finance industry. The elimination of errors, improved data management and cost efficiency are among some of the most well-known benefits of robotics in finance. However, automatic report generation is another benefit of robotics that is perhaps more overlooked. In the banking and finance industries, report generation is a regular requirement for showing the performance of a bank to stakeholders and it can be a repetitive task. With the use of RPA technology, banks can prepare reports automatically and the software can be trained with specific inputs for optimal accuracy. Ultimately, report automation improves the process of gathering data and generating reports, with the system being able to fetch previous details, paving the way for greater efficiency.

Greater customer service

Over the last decade, customer service has completely transformed in the finance sector. Customers no longer need to contact their local branch or complete in-person transactions. Many financial institutions have already implemented chatbot technology to help customers answer questions and ensure faster communication. Chatbots can deliver a personalised experience for customers and allow banks to automate time-consuming queries. Again, as a result of RPA technologies, banks can use robotics for a variety of issues such as loans and fraud enquiries – and bots are even being used for onboarding by helping customers create new accounts.

Improved mortgage lending

Mortgage lending is another area that hugely benefits from robotics. Both digitalization and robotic automation is helping lenders provide consistent and efficient data flow at any stage of the loan process. With mortgage automation, financial institutions can eliminate manual processing and reduce the complexity of the loaning process, which can help pave the way for the best customer experience. The pandemic has certainly accelerated the transition to digital and automation, so banks must increase their efforts to offer a streamlined experience in all business areas.


Robotic automation not only helps in increasing productivity but improving the quality of the compliance process to avoid legal issues. For example, the use of robotics to analyse and aggregate data from different sources can enhance the efficiency of risk reporting. As a result, with robotics, financial institutions can ensure better and more accurate compliance and deliver a greater level of oversight. It’s imperative that banks remain compliant with regulations. Automation provides greater agility and can monitor different areas of regulations, such as customers and trade monitoring, which can greatly improve productivity.

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