Transparent Work Culture: Steps & Insights

Posting date: 31 May 2022

Good communication is a key component of a successful business. Many companies are, therefore, making a concerted effort to improve transparency and accountability – two prerequisites needed to improve discourse efficacy. 

When attained, these prerequisites can build trust between leaders and their employees. They can have a tangible effect on retention, engagement, and productivity (even when a modern remote or hybrid way of working is encouraged). 

The question is, how do you build a transparent work culture?

Respect in the workforce is a number one contributor

Employees who feel respected are far more likely to have a positive work culture. This respect must flow between co-workers and company leaders and employees. 

Company members are more likely to fulfil tasks when their presence and effort are respected. This respect also forms the foundation for trust and loyalty, as employees who feel respected are likelier to want to remain in their roles. 

Building a culture of transparency and accountability involves trusting your employees to carry out their duties and to make decisions and respectfully collaborating with them.


Make trust a precedence at work

Trust matters for economic development and growth – it’s also needed to build healthy relationships with employees. Without trust, employees may default to defensive behaviour and be reluctant to ask for help. 

However, with trust, the workforce will have a greater team openness (transparency) and feel confident to see a task through (accountability). One way to initiate trust in the workplace is to solicit and act on feedback. 

Most employees want a voice within an organisation, so allow them to share their thoughts. However, remember to capture their feedback and act on it. 

Building a proactive action plan demonstrates transparency and encourages company members to feel valued.

Pay attention to the results at work

Paying attention to results includes being clear on what the results should be from the outset. This type of transparency will eliminate confusion, and you’ll find employees are more eager to work when they know what they’re working toward.

Once a task has been completed or a goal is achieved, make it a habit to acknowledge the results and the individual, team, or department who made them happen. 

This will set the ethos for accountability and motivate continuous productivity as appreciation is shared for hard work and determination. If your team is working remotely, you can use software to track, monitor, and praise progress so that results are steered and don’t go unnoticed.

Hire well

Building a culture of accountability and transparency begins with recruitment based on a growth mindset. Hire candidates who are comfortable with the goals you have for your business and confirm that they are open to giving and receiving honest feedback. 

Also - ensure that your leadership team is willing to put in the necessary time and effort to coach new employees so that they quickly learn what is expected of their role. 

Hiring the right people can pave the way for a more positive culture and further advancement for the business.

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