Why are KPIs more important in the hybrid working world?

Posting date: 04 April 2023

As we emerge from three years of navigating the trials and tribulations Covid-19 pandemic, the world of work has changed. More people than ever before are working from home and enjoying a hybrid working schedule that allows for more flexibility and a greater work-life balance.

While many argue that
hybrid working has changed the world of work for the better, this shift has added a layer of complexity to the task of tracking performance. As a result, employers are looking for new ways to overcome the challenges of hybrid working. Key Performance Indicators – known as KPIs - are one such tool.

Four benefits of using KPIs in the hybrid working world

Here are a few ways to use KPIs to boost engagement, identify problems, and improve overall employee satisfaction.


1.      Office Utilisation

Let’s start with this often-overlooked KPI – how often your employees use the office space. Before the pandemic, it was common (and usually best practice) to plunge resources into offices equipped with the latest technology, kitchens, and even gyms. However, fewer people are making use of these spaces.


Does it make sense to keep paying to keep them open?


Using an office utilisation KPI will help you assess your current office holdings. For example, do your employees need different tools and equipment? Do they prefer using meeting rooms but don’t like working at their desk? KPIs can help you measure who is working where and for how long, giving you the information you need to make relevant changes.

2.      Employee Satisfaction

Here is another vital KPI for your business – measuring employee satisfaction. After all, most unhappy employees are quite private about their dissatisfaction, and you often hear of their grievances later down the line when there is less that can be done to alleviate them.

Keep in mind that a 2019 survey showed
nine out of 10 Swiss employees were happy in their jobs – but of course, this was conducted before Covid-19. We don’t have as much reliable data about their experience of hybrid work arrangements. That’s why KPIs can be such a valuable tool, helping you understand the work environment where they feel most productive.


3.      Hybrid Working Engagement

Undoubtedly, it’s harder to build meaningful personal connections with your employees while you’re working from a distance. In addition, hybrid workers have less time in the office to engage with management, colleagues, and executive team members and can become disengaged and burnt out.

You can use your KPIs to measure engagement by asking them how they feel about work and their time in the office. Over time, you’ll gain valuable information that you can use to keep them motivated and engaged.

Your KPIs should measure how much they trust your company and management, how committed they are to collaborating with and helping their colleagues, and how equipped they feel for their daily roles.

4.      Collaboration

Another crucial KPI should measure collaboration in your workplace. In the past, most brainstorming, planning, and collaboration took place in boardrooms, breakaway rooms, and meeting rooms. Today, these efforts, and even hiring itself, are far more likely to occur on video calls.

If your collaboration levels are lower than in pre-Covid years, your KPIs should aim to measure how your remote employees are working and how engaged they feel with the company. Design specific surveys that ask targeted questions about when they feel most engaged with others, and how they would like to improve their experience.

Finding the right employees for a hybrid working world

While KPIs will always be a valuable tool for any organisation, your success starts by building the right fintech teams. That’s why financial technology recruitment has never been so important.


If you’re looking for the best talent and an excellent for your company, you need an intelligent recruitment strategy. Swisslinx can help.

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