What is the next big thing in data management?

Posting date: 21 June 2023

Data management can make or break a company – after all, you’re only as secure and successful as your data. The storage, security, access, usage, and collection of data are all part of the data management process, and it takes a skilled professional to manage it all. That’s where data engineers come into play and why they are so valued in any company.


It’s been called the ‘career of the future,’ but what do data scientists do? Typically, they collect, prepare and extract data, but an innovative array of data management trends always shake things up. Here are just a few of the latest trends and developments in data management for 2023.

The latest developments in data management

While we already see these developments in action, they will become more commonplace in 2023 and beyond.


·       Data governance will become a part of everyone’s daily job

Countries around the world are increasing regulatory demands on data. As a result, data engineers face more pressure to be proactive about the future of their company’s data. They need to be one step ahead to predict which data will be more meaningful and how it should be stored.

Moving forward, data governance will be a part of every employee’s daily routine, from entry-level staff to senior management. While this may seem challenging initially, your employees will be led by skilled data engineers who know how to explain and train data management novices. That’s why hiring the right people for your cyber security manager jobs has never been more vital.

·       More comprehensive data protection

In addition to data protection tasks and training spreading across organisations, the existing data protection tools and strategies are becoming ever more comprehensive. This is especially important in hybrid work environments, as people are working with sensitive data from home. This isn’t just about protecting your company’s reputation – it’s Swiss law.

There are infinite ways that hackers can exploit your vulnerabilities to attack your networks and access your data, so more comprehensive protection is always in development. From now on, we will see more cloud-based backup strategies to protect data and additional protection features, such as Object Lock and cross-region replication.


·       AI and data management

It seems the hottest topic in every industry is AI and machine learning – and it’s no different within data management. Most people use AI tech on a daily basis, whether that’s asking Siri a question or selecting an auto-filled response on Google. But in 2023, we will see an increased importance of AI in data management at all levels.

AI in data management can be used in three main ways.

o   Prediction - It can help you predict the data you need for specific tasks

o   Optimisation – It can help you improve your best practices

o   Automation – AI can increase working speeds by completing manual work


·       Data streaming technology and speeds are increasing

Data streaming allows you to transmit data streams to different locations, ideally in real-time. However, this hasn’t always been the case – data can take minutes or hours to arrive, leading to delays in your workflow and decisions made with stale information.


In 2023, data streaming applications will be better than ever, capable of processing data in real-time (or close to it). Some are even incorporating machine learning and AI. While the technology is still limited, we’ll see increasing size capacity over the next few years.

Broadening career opportunities for professionals in this industry

The future of data management hinges upon the growing need for skilled professionals. Senior technology candidates in Switzerland are well-positioned to find rewarding careers with respected companies, but finding those jobs isn’t always easy.


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