How to improve your digital employee experience

Posting date: 22 November 2021

In today’s era of remote and hybrid working, it’s never been more important that businesses focus on improving the digital employee experience. Digital technology has become an integral part of the modern workforce. An employee’s performance and daily work experiences are now dictated almost entirely by the quality of a company’s technology. Organisations that seek ways to improve the digital employee experience can expect greater productivity levels, which can pave the way for better results. The modern workforce is more mobile, dynamic and innovative than ever before – and employee engagement remains key to the success of any business. Below, we outline how businesses can improve the digital employee experience.

Create a culture of connection

With many people now working from home, businesses need to provide the necessary tools to support social connections in the workplace and help others collaborate to become more successful. Maintaining positive connections is important for both performance, well-being and mental health. Organisational leaders must recognise the needs of every employee and focus on providing regular virtual check-ins, company updates, newsletters and connecting over team social events. A strong digital employee experience enables people to share ideas, efficiently interact with workplace tools and solve challenges. Creating a culture of positive relationships is key to improving the digital employee experience.

Find the right system

In the current digital landscape, business leaders must implement the right technology and platforms for employees to navigate. More importantly, these tools should serve their purpose and help employees achieve their goals. There’s a wide range of different systems that can improve the employee experience, as well as productivity and retention. So, how do you select the right system to manage projects and your employees? Firstly, leaders should outline their needs and the kind of solutions required to improve and maintain the digital employee experience, as well as the performance of the business. It’s also important to reflect on workplace values and how tools, systems and communication channels can support employees. Above all, choosing the right system can help with supporting employee efficiency and effectiveness, both of which contribute to the digital employee experience.

Security training

Both small and large businesses are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and data breaches – and these threats have become much more sophisticated in recent years. Security risks are also higher today because people share a vast amount of information through digital platforms, leaving them more open to attacks. Therefore, it’s important that business leaders provide data security training to educate employees on the best practices that prevent data from being lost or stolen. With the right level of training and planning, you can teach employees good habits for managing their data that can improve the digital employee experience. For example, leaders can provide training around safely storing data, the importance of regularly updating software, and exploring common data security threats. Data security remains an ongoing part of the digital employee experience, so providing consistent training and education is key in the modern workplace.

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