Why we need more women in Tech in Switzerland

Posting date: 09 November 2023

In Switzerland, a nation known for its technological advancements and innovation, there exists a pressing need to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry. 

The underrepresentation of women in technology remains a challenge, however progress is being made. The percentage of women working in technology in Switzerland has increased by 2.2% since 2019. Plus, data shows that the percentage of women in tech crossed the 20% mark in 2022 for the first time since 1994.

Whilst this progress is most welcomed, there’s still work to be done. Addressing the disparity is crucial not only for achieving gender equality but also for fostering diversity, which is a catalyst for groundbreaking innovations. But what is causing a roadblock to greater gender equality?

The gender gap in technology: understanding the root causes

The gender gap in the tech industry can be attributed to several factors. Historically, societal norms and stereotypes have limited women's access to technical education and opportunities, leading to a lack of diverse perspectives in tech-driven sectors. 

Additionally, unconscious bias in recruitment and promotion practices has perpetuated a male-dominated culture, making it difficult for women to break into the field and ascend to leadership roles. A lack of female representation, role models and mentors in the industry only compounds the issue – you’re more likely to join an industry where you feel valued, seen, and welcomed. 

Addressing the gender gap: promoting diversity and inclusion

Encouraging early exposure: 

To close the gender gap in tech, it is vital to expose young girls to STEM  subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and career possibilities from an early age. Offering coding workshops, mentorship programs, and educational initiatives that inspire young girls can help challenge stereotypes and ignite a passion for technology.

Fostering inclusive work environments: 

Companies in Switzerland should create inclusive work environments that celebrate diversity. Employers can introduce unbiased recruitment processes or partner with talent experts like Swisslinx, provide equal growth opportunities, and offer flexible work arrangements to support work-life balance, thus empowering women to thrive in tech careers.

Leveraging female role models: 

Highlighting successful female tech professionals as role models can be a powerful motivator for aspiring women in the field. By showcasing diverse success stories, we can inspire confidence in women and embolden them to pursue careers in tech.

If you’re a woman searching for IT jobs in Switzerland, or wondering how to transition into into the tech industry, it can be immensely beneficial to join networks and find mentorship from communities such as:

Organisations such as these empower women to build the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to advance their careers in technology.

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Benefits of diversity in the workplace

Enhanced creativity and innovation: 

Diverse teams bring together individuals with varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Embracing diversity fosters creativity and innovation, as different viewpoints challenge conventional thinking and lead to groundbreaking solutions.

Improved problem-solving: 

With a diverse workforce, companies gain access to a wider pool of problem-solving approaches. Varied perspectives enable teams to tackle complex challenges more effectively and explore diverse avenues for success.

Better decision-making: 

Diverse teams tend to make more informed decisions. They consider multiple angles, reduce groupthink, and arrive at well-rounded conclusions, leading to smarter business choices and long-term success.

Increased productivity and profitability: 

Research has consistently shown that companies with diverse workforces outperform their homogeneous counterparts in terms of productivity and profitability. A McKinsey report revealed that diverse companies are more likely to financially outperform their peers. Embracing diversity translates to a competitive advantage in the fast-paced tech industry.

Take control of your technology career

To propel Switzerland's tech sector to greater heights, we must acknowledge the gender gap and its consequences on diversity and innovation. By creating inclusive environments, providing equal opportunities, and embracing diverse perspectives, we can empower women in technology and unleash the untapped potential of our workforce. 

Embracing diversity is not only the right thing to do; it is a strategic imperative that will propel Switzerland's tech ecosystem into a future of unparalleled innovation and success. 

Together, let us work towards a brighter, more inclusive, and gender-equal future for the tech industry in Switzerland. If you’re hiring for IT jobs, speak to us for help building a diverse and talented technology team.