How the digital revolution has driven a demand for technology consultants

Posting date: 01 February 2023

Things are changing in the world of work, and the demand for technology consultants is on the rise. As corporate clients rush to digitise their operations amidst the digital revolution, technology consultants are more sought-after than ever.

Remote working, automation, and connectivity are all driving this demand, as is the so-called “Great Resignation,” with more people leaving their permanent positions in favour of the freelance life. As a result, businesses need to equip their operations with technologically advanced agile solutions, yet they don’t always have the skills in-house. That’s where a technology consultant comes in.


In the UK, the technology consulting market grew by more than 9% in 2021, and Switzerland is experiencing a similar increase. So, what does that mean for both freelancer consultants and those who want to hire them?


Let’s delve deeper into how automation, remote working, and connectivity are all changing the way we work, and explain why working with an experienced recruitment firm is a critical factor for success.


No end in sight to remote working


Gone are the days of the traditional workplace, with remote working models surpassing the office in many industries. Working from home, raising a family, and even travelling are all possible with remote working, and employees are demanding this freedom.

After all, flexibility is just one of the benefits of a career in digital technology. Companies that want to stay competitive are rushing to offer this working arrangement – but they’re not always equipped.

As a result, they need advanced technologies, including smart sensors to track data sharing, high-speed internet, cloud storage, and advanced teleconferencing tech. Communication is still king, and technology consultants ensure it is smooth and stress-free


Automation is driving the need for technology consultants


Often referred to as ‘Industry 4.0,” the so-called fourth industrial revolution has changed the way we live and work, and the increasing use of digital technologies continues to transform how we collaborate and consult. Automation, once considered the stuff of science fiction, is now commonplace, especially when it comes to remote working.

In light of the growing digital skills shortage, companies are increasingly in demand of skilled technology consultants to help guide them on the automation tools necessary for today’s workplace. Whether employees are working from home or in the office, automation, advanced tech, and the IoT are now a requirement within the business world.  


Connectivity is crucial to online work


Connectivity is all about physical infrastructure and networks, but it also refers to the different ways that we bring people together to communicate and do business. By staying connected, we can not only ensure that meetings run smoothly and appointments are kept, but also that we understand each other on a deeper level.

Glitches, computer errors, and lags get in the way of the real human connections we build when we’re working with colleagues and clients. A technology business consultant can assess a business’s needs and ensure their connectivity matches their drive, skill, and creativity.


Trust a recruitment firm with an understanding of the digital revolution


When it comes time to source a technology consultant or look for a recruitment company, experience is crucial. It’s no longer enough to hire the first person who fits the brief or promote from within – when it comes to digitalisation, connectivity, and automation, companies need experts. So, whether you’re looking for a consultant, or you’re a consultant in search of a new opportunity, it's time to seek expert help.

Swisslinx has a deep understanding of how the digital revolution is impacting its core markets, and their team are acutely aware of the growing demand for technology consultants. There is simply no company better equipped to help individuals and businesses find the right opportunities.

That’s why an experienced firm like Swisslinx should be your first port of call. Now’s the time to start searching for consulting services at Swisslinx to advance your career or your business. 

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