How to keep on top of your remote team's productivity

Posting date: 17 February 2023

The global pandemic changed the way we work. However, even before 2020, Industry 4.0, often called the fourth industrial revolution, led to an increase in the number of remote workers. Simply put, many people no longer need to be in an office setting to do their job to their fullest potential, and employees want more flexibility to work from home.


More than one-third of Swiss workers worked from home in 2020. While it remains to be seen if remote working is here to stay in the long term, right now, it is the standard in many businesses and entire industries. 


Remote teams have many benefits – they allow for flexible working hours and attract diverse talent. When managed effectively, this style of working can also reduce absenteeism and allow for better productivity. It saves time and money on commuting and allows for more time with children, partners, and pets. 


To make sure you're harnessing the benefits, here are four practical tips for boosting your remote team's productivity.


Realign your processes

New technology has transformed communication and productivity, allowing for new ways of working from home. Therefore, you must realign your processes for remote work. After all, the systems you had in place for in-office work will not be the same for remote work. It may sound straightforward, but this is often overlooked by managers. 


 You need to carefully assess your current processes and determine how they will need to change to better suit purely online work. For instance, for a financial management team, this might look like ensuring the right software is in place for each member, establishing chains of command, and providing additional cyber security training.


Encourage health and wellbeing

 Health and wellbeing aren’t just important for individuals working in life sciences or healthcare. Health should be at the forefront of any industry, including financial services or investment banking. After all, your employees’ health is their most important asset, helping them stay productive and contribute to the team. 


 A great way to show you care about your team’s health is to offer incentives around healthy habits. Consider rewards to those who get outside for 30 minutes, listen to a mindfulness podcast, or complete a simple exercise video. If it’s an unexpectedly sunny day, encourage them to take a longer lunch break. 


Remember, not everyone has the same ability level, so ensure that your language is inclusive and that your chosen activities don’t discriminate against any abilities.       


Hold regular social meetings 

 Wealth management, life sciences, and technology can all be fairly independent career paths, with people working on their own much of the time. In an office setting, proximity ensures that everyone feels like they are on the same team. However, remote working can make people feel like they’re really on their own. That’s why it’s so important to check in regularly with meetings. 


 However, when it’s a work-related meeting, there is usually something quite stressful to discuss, and it’s hard to build personal connections. Once a week, set aside 30 minutes for a purely social chat on Teams or Slack where you can talk about your hobbies, favourite film and television programs, and upcoming holiday plans. 


These social meetings help everyone feel like they are a part of the team, letting you get to know their personalities and foster personal connections. 


Focus on trust and transparency

When your employees are working remotely, trust and transparency become more important than ever. While management styles and techniques are important factors in any employee relationship, in the context of remote work, they take on renewed importance. 


After all, when you expect transparency about how your employees spend their time, you also need to be clear about how you spend yours. Successful remote working is a partnership, and this partnership will break down without transparency, accountability, and trust. 


Since you’re not in the office with them, this requires regular check-ins. Keep your team updated on what you are doing, and regularly present your results and outcomes in addition to expecting theirs.


Looking for advice on managing remote work?

If you’re struggling to manage your team’s remote work, or you’re looking to onboard a new consultant, get in touch with Swisslinx to discuss your hiring needs. Swisslinx is a valuable resource, offering you the knowledge and insight you need to successfully hire and manage a remote team.


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