Top marketing skills you need for an FMCG company

Posting date: 04 April 2024

The FMCG sector encompasses a truly gigantic industry, incorporating everything from toothpaste to healthcare products to breakfast cereal. Successful FMCG marketing strategies are created by professionals who know their industry inside-out and have skills tailored to marketing products and organisations within the FMCG arena. 

Due to the ever-evolving nature of the fast-moving consumer goods sector, marketing in this industry becomes a team effort. It is important for professionals working in roles throughout the industry, from engineers to analysts to marketing managers, to understand the marketing strategy being implemented and the trends driving the direction of the overall sector.

There are core skills that everyone working in FMCG can hone to better serve the industry and organisation they are working with. Before we get into those, let’s first take a bird’s-eye view of the marketing factors that influence fast-moving goods.

What is the role of marketing in FMCG products? 

By its very nature, the FMCG sector is a highly competitive marketplace. Effective FMCG marketing strategies allow a brand or company to stand out from the crowd. These strategies help it to become the first choice for consumers,  and in turn, increase overall profits.

The marketing strategy of FMCG products is usually built around the four main elements of:

  •  Price
  •  Place 
  •  Product 
  •  Promotion 

Understanding consumer behaviours 


Consumers are at the heart of FMCG marketing, they after all are who will be purchasing FMCG products. So, it makes sense that an understanding of consumer behaviour is an important skill for those working in the FMCG industry. While this understanding is of course important for those working directly in FMCG marketing departments, it is also important across the sector. 


If product developers understand consumer behaviour, they can create products that appeal to consumer bodies. If engineers have a knowledge of consumer behaviour they can ensure products are made in a way that maximises efficiency without taking away elements that appeal to end users. Consumer behaviour, however, is not set in stone, it can be influenced by aspects such as income levels and product quality, so establishing an ever-evolving view of how consumers operate is vital for marketing in the FMCG industry. 


Digital marketing knowledge 


As the world becomes increasingly digital, understanding how best to utilise digital channels to create an effective FMCG marketing strategy offers a distinct advantage. Digital marketing allows organisations to reach a global audience and target specific segments of the population with content that will resonate with them.


It is estimated that over 40% of consumers now browse social media to find services and goods. This means that organisations that don't utilise these platforms can miss out on being the go-to choice for potential customers. 

Data analysis skills 


The ability to quickly and effectively analyse data sets can be an important skill for increasing efficiency and profits across FMCG operations. Skills in data analysis can help to give insights into consumer shopping habits, which can give direction for marketing strategy being implemented by FMCG organisations. It can also provide information on inefficiency in areas of production or shipping that can be remedied to increase overall profit margins. 


Even something as simple as analysing data to better streamline production and stock management can make a significant difference. Studies have found that products that are out of stock more than 10% of the time can correlate to a 4% reduction in annual revenues

From FMCG marketing professionals to project managers, data analysis skills and understanding developments in data management can help to create more streamlined, effective, and adaptable operations. 

People management skills 


FMCG is an industry with a lot of moving parts and a lot of people from various teams and backgrounds that have to coordinate. Effective people management skills can help not only get projects completed in an efficient manner, but it can also aid team cohesion and a positive workplace


These skills are particularly important for those in roles such as team or project managers. Positive people management skills can help to attract new talent and motivate team members, which in turn can boost performance. This helps create an environment where employees are free to innovate and develop novel marketing strategies. 

A career in FMCG 


The FMCG space offers a dynamic and evolving industry in which passionate professionals can build diverse careers. This growing sector has varied roles to suit a wide range of interests and backgrounds and is unique for the large cross-section of sectors that it encompasses.


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